Great Week?!

So this week has been pretty busy for me. After coming back from Aberdeen on Saturday where I was doing a photoshoot for Greenfrog Digital, I rushed  home to get ready for the start of a busy week. Straight off the the Invercarse hotel to take some photos for Tayside Cancer Support. After an interesting evening there, I headed to the Student Union to see Pendulum, well Gareth McGrillen, due a DJ set. I made sure some of my images of them from T in the Park were hot off the press, for a nice signed copy! That was an awesome night in there, and over the whole evening, left me with 600+ images to sort through. Late night there.

Had a nice and lazy day on Sunday, sorting out a few bits and bobs, and made sure I got an early night. Monday started with a trip down to the airport to talk to a few pilots about advise on flying lessons, and booked myself into a couple! Tuesday was another day of rest, before a lecture from the CIM in Tayside on CPO and SEO. Massively informative, and met a few good contacts from that, which will hopefully be of a great benefit in the months to come. The night ended with a night out with the University Psychology Society, of which I am still the Social Convener.

Wednesday morning started with a phone bright and early, informing me that I had got a marketing internship at the Student Union! This will hopefully set me in good stead for applying for post grad marketing courses in a few years. After a long hard end to the day at work, I set off for an early bed, with a 7 oclock start looming.

Thursday got off to a bang with the early morning at work. After a slow start, the excitement of my first flying lesson soon took over, and I could not wait to leave. After arriving at the airport, I got stuck into some theory, and pre flight checks with my new instructor. Sadly I did not get any fly time in there, but I left looking forward to tomorrows second lesson, and some serious fly time. Just getting ready for some photo work at the union just now, so hopefully it is not to late a night. 2.15 tomorrow will be a great time!

So this week has been really eventful. Some great marketing experience has been secured, flying lessons booked, and plenty of photo op’s taking place. A busy end of the week is coming, with a busy few weeks to look forward!