First shoot pitchside, First home win

So at the weekend I finally got down pitchside to shoot Dundee FC vs Raith Rovers. When I woke up, I looked outside and it was clear blue sky with a high sun. Perfect day for some shooting. I packed up my kit, grabbed my shiny new mono pod and seat for the day, and headed off to Dens Park for the afternoon.

As usual Dundee played reasonably well, but couldn’t convert when they needed to. And so the game went on, with me freezing more and more. Throughout the first half I got some decent images, but nothing stood out, and I missed the only talking point of the half, when new loan signing Calum Elliot got injured and had to go off only a minute into the game. All the other photographers that were there were sitting at the other side of the goal, and had a far better angle to shoot from. Not to worry. There was still a whole other have for me to get something good.

For the second half, I decided to stay on the other side of the other photographers, and still stay sitting at the end Dundee were attacking. As the game went on, Dundee still never looked like scoring, and I got colder and colder. The gloves will be coming with me next time. With 5 minutes of the match to go, and with blue finger tips, Dundee swung a ball in from the right, and I started shooting. And as fate would have it, on my first pitchside day, the Raith subs walked right in front of my camera as Dundee put the ball in the back of the net. I was to busy to notice this at the time though, as with every goal, comes a celebration, and a look of dismay for the opposition. Ryan Conroy runs off to celebrate his goal, with the onlooking Raith subs shocked in the background. They add a nice background to this shot, rather than ruining my shots of the goal by being the entire foreground! Almost like a little bit of justice for me there. And then we have the Raith keeper, only moments before, looking back into his net, with the ball still rolling around in it. Football is a harsh game sometimes. It only takes one brief moment to ruin a whole teams afternoon, and the same brief moment to make the other teams whole week! It also made for a pretty good day for myself as well. 6 Games at Dens park. Dundee got their first home win, and their first goal at home in open play. And they had the courtesy to do it all right in front of me, down at pitchside!