Spotify Play button

UPDATE: Their press release was a bit hazey. Turns out you can’t just “listen” to my or anyones playlists. you have to launch Spotify to play the widget button. That seems in no way different to me just posting the link to a playlist. Looks like I may just forget about spotify once again.


Well it has been a while since I last used Spotify, I kind of thought it had disappeared but something new and exciting has just come from it! It has only been a few hours since Spotify announced its new “play” button but it gives web devs and casual bloggers a new way to annoy entertain people.

Just to see how far you can take it, at the risk of annoying Spotify, feel free to listen to one of my playlists on all of my pages. I have no idea if it eats into my monthly Spotify hours, I don’t even know how many of those you get, but I am sure I will find out soon!