Apple: Moving on and going it alone

Just after I posted my previous post on Apple, their market capital went over $600 billion for the first time. That’s $600,000,000,000. That is a lot of market capital. The investors are right in putting their money there. Their market worth has rocketed over the start of this year and they are the most valuable publicly traded company in the world, ever. The also have one of the highest cash reserves of any company, like I said last time, which leaves them in the favourable position of being able to buy their way out of any situation. Last time I said said Apple are in the unfamiliar position in the mobile market of not having total control. It is their only product in their portfolio that they rely on a third party to make their product work.

It would seem like there is only one way to change that. If you need a mobile carrier to make your product work, and you really dont want a mobile carrier on board with you,  start your own one.

That is a pretty bold statement, I know. It is not every day that a new carrier springs up and starts transmitting. There is a whole host of legal things that have to be checked out before that can happen, not to mention make sure you have a slice of the spectrum you can transmit on. This may turn out to be the biggest problem for Apple, or at least it would be had nearly the entire world not been in the process of shutting down their analogue TV signals to free up some space for 4G signal (the UK is almost completely turned off analogue).  Now would seem like a good time for Apple to go and buy some spectrum and start their iNetwork. Or better yet, they could buy one of the current networks. In America, the prime market for Apple, t-mobile have been on and off for sale for a while. AT&T were looking at buying them, but they were not allowed for anti competition reasons. Apple would just rebrand and reshuffle. They would slowly push non iOS users off the network, while bringing all other iOS devices onto it.

What benefits would they from this? By doing this they would then have full control over their device. They could build the infrastructure around their iOS system. It would allow them to move so much of their voice traffic that would be iOS to iOS over to data, as well as texts. They could build a 4g networks that has a huge capacity for data that people would not have to worry about over crowding. This could be moved on to support improved security, much in the same way as RIM does with the BlackBerry, to become a more business friendly network. If they rolled this out across several countries, then they could give far better prices for roaming on their network, and compete in a way that current networks simply cannot.

Of course they would still have to have their phones on other networks, they could not cope with all those users on one network, but they would be able to make the experience far richer on their network.  Their Mac line ups could then be integrated with their 4g network, and 4g Apple data only could be added to the iTouch. There is a whole world of opportunity for a company with $100 billion in cash, there are just not many companies with that much cash.

The next year will, as always, be full of speculation with Apple. A new iPhone is on the horizon, and the iPad is breaking records. New MacBook line ups are expected and the iTV will not be far away. Having everything integrated and synced is the only logical step for Apple, and being in control of their own data is the only way to do this. Turning on your TV and have it play the video you were watching on your iPhone on the bus just starts playing, and when you shut the lid on your mac and unlock you iPad to be browsing the same website is a great though. Apple look like they could be the only company that is interested in making this happen. Innovation is now only the start with Apple. What comes next is far beyond innovation, it is a simple way of life. It simply has just got to happen.