Google Music All Access Review

At Google i/o Google announced there new music subscription service, Google Play Music All Access (could they have chosen a longer name…) and I was super keen to get started with it. I’ve been a really big fan of Google Music since it was launched in the USA 18 months ago and use it almost exclusively to listen to my music on all my devices. I briefly covered how good it is as a music back up service a few weeks ago, but just to use it as a service it is really really nice. In case you don’t know what it is, Google Music is a cloud service that allows you to upload all your music to Google’s servers and then lets you stream it to any of your devices, in full quality. It is also the front end to their music store.

But what about this All Access nonsense? All Access is their newest music service and it is designed to compete with the likes of Spotify and Xbox Music. It gives you totally unlimited access to Google’s collection of music (which is far far bigger than your collection of music) and lets you stream as much as you want. The Android client also lets you store as much as you want (or as much as my 16GB Nexus 4 will let me) offline, so you can listen to it when your not connected.

Google has signed licensing deals with all the major record labels and it really shows. I’ve not yet found a song that I can’t listen to (granted my taste in music isn’t all that obscure, but since I don’t know a song that might not be in there, I cant search to test!), and even if that did happen, you can ‘top it up’ ¬†with your own collection. The integration Google have done here is really great.