A lot changes in a year

A year ago today (26th Feb) I gave my (very last minute) talk about Agile Marketing and launching a new social media game at Creative Dundee’s 5th Pecha Kucha night and since then a whole lot has change. The Dundee Tech Meetup went from strength to strength, the Code Club had a waiting list of willing children wanting to learn code, I got a Chromebook (then sold it), then bought a Surface Pro 2 (and love it), broke my phone and I’ve changed job twice. If someone had asked me a year ago what I would be doing today my answer could not have been further from what has happened.

After the launch of the game I was working on I applied for a new job, jumped on a train and headed off to London to start my job as marketing executive on the findmypast website. After I started that I continued to try and learn some code in my spare time (I even, finally, learned how to use JSON and jQuery), and became equally interested in development and digital marketing, which will hopefully become a solid foundation for the future.

After several months into my marketing job I was offered the opportunity leave marketing and learn to become a developer, which would be a huge step up from playing with javascript when I am bored. After giving it some thought, it seemed like the career that I really wanted to pursue. So after being in London for 3 months I jumped ship from marketing to development to start a new career in a new city all set to learn lots of new things.
One week into development I’ve checked in code once (but it was just html), and really enjoying it. The last things on my list is to find a new flat and get ready for the coming year. For me, New Year starts now and I can’t wait to see how it goes. If it’s anything like the previous 2 years while I was in Dundee, then there is a pretty high standard for it to hit. But I’m in London, doing what I want to do. What could possibly go wrong!