Dundee Web Standards, WordPress as a CMS

The end

Open question times! If you need any more info on wordpress, have a look at wordpress.org! Fountains of knowledge if you are needing help with the basics. Thanks Jamie

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Write your own shortcode!

Make easy to add features into your site by using shortcodes.

Simply done by creating your own plugin. And then to add the plugin content into your site, just use the [ shortcode ] text into a page.

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Easy integration with other sites

Changes and updates to other sites such as Facebook can be easily done all from within the Wordpress editor. This allows to keep all content to be kept the same across sites.

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Standalone themes

and Framework/Child themes.

Thousands freely available, and also thousands more available to purchase. Or why not build our own?! Wordpress even make it easy, with great guides and template tags.

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Over 17,000 freely available, with well over 2 million downloads. Can be easily updated, with one click.

s2 Member, allows to have different user access levels.

Buddypress, turn site into a social network. From experience, this is tricky!

And various image gallery plugins.

Various SEO plugins, for easy keywording your site.

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Key Features

Rapid CMS deployment. So easy to set up, only needs 5 fields filled in. Built in tagging and categories system, for easily building cloud tags.

Blog via email! Set up an email account, and blog straight from your email account!

Built in search option. Can have a search feature set up in seconds.

Easy permalink settings, to change the site links.

Can have multiple user account levels. Creator can be admin, client can be author to have minimal features.

One click update.

Easy to use text editor. Looks very similar to MS Word. Which most people are familiar with. Also has the option to paste straight from Word!

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Here is Jamie Fraser from HitReach, based in Arbroath.


General intro of WordPress first. Looks like Ben and Jerrys and Sony Playstation use it! 47% of sites with CMS use WordPress! And 14% of all websites. It has over Version 3.2 uses 12.2 million installs!

Client benefits include, no coding knowledge required, no usage fee, limit on what clients can see, free to export all content at any time.

Developer benefits include, almost no coding knowledge required. Can be combined with any one of the millions of themes and plugins to create a unique site.

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The bar

The bar is already pretty busy. Talk away to start soon, better get a drink!

On a side note, this blog is going to be as much my own notes, as it is going to be great reading for you!

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Setting Up

As usual, setting up, surrounded by a crowd of people getting ready for the Dundee Web Standards talk on Using Wordpress as a CMS

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