NEoN11 Unconference

Mingle time

Lets meet lots of people now. Oh and the bar has just opened. And a closing round of applause for the speakers

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Sum up and close

Glad to see lots of energy coming from the discussions. And now Tara is going to give us cards so we can stay in touch with the project. On social media of course…

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And back with Philip

Talking about our ideas, and what a vision for the V&A is. And his groups topcis.

  1. The importance of social media for the V&A
  2. Have a large digital screen in the main hall. What can this be used for. Augmented reality?! Or a platform or showcase for the best design coming out of the V&A.
  3. The V&A could possibly highlight examples of what is good digital design. Could be used as the basepoint for what all other digital design is based off. Relates back to making it the best in the world. Use it as a critical forum, and attracting the very best in the world.
  4. Allow people from all backgrounds, and education to be able to give input.
  5. Give a history of recent digital history. So the same mistakes are not made. [Google buzz springs to mind here]
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And group 2

How to make the V&A as digitally accessible as possible.

  1. Use those who have lots of experience in digital world to help.
  2. Have culture hacks. Small society labs style place.
  3. Have a jam day. Give people data. Let them choose what to do with it.
  4. Use tech for when you physically cant access it.
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Chris up first

Chris is up to present his, my, group on on how we can involve the local community.

  1. Designers in residence. Have 1 or more digital designer in residence. Possibly from the uni’s.
  2. Use the “halo” effect of the V&A. Use the numbers visiting to signpost to the other digital places in Dundee. DCA/rep etc.
  3. Having a major annual event. Possibly have a conference. similar to TED. Something to have a world wide event.
  4. Possible linked to 3. but have a design prize. Celebrate the best in the world.
  5. The whole digital media community in Scotland has to be involved. Make it country wide.
  6. Engage the disengaged. Possibly through open/drop in learning. Or maybe through the designer in residence
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The idea jam

After those questions were posed, the audience split into 3 groups, and started putting ideas together. We all also got treated to a yummy buffet to give us some brain food…

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Questions to the audience

How can technology and digital design be used to engage the local comunity?

How can technology be used within the museum to make it accessible to all?

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Philip is talking more about what the V&A can do for the city. Don’t bring people in soley to visit the exhibitions. Bring them to see the building, and how it adds to the design community in Dundee. Make it more than a changing exhibit. Make it a must see for the legacy it brings to the city

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Art and Maths

The people involved in the V&A have to be able to link these two. And show the world how by working together, we can create something different. The sky isn’t high enough, aim for the stars.

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art and science

We must bring together art and science. Design can show how these can be interlinked. Good design is the “exquisite marriage” of the two

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