PechaKucha NEoN11


Can’t remember the last time I typed that much, that quick. Was a really good night though!

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The end

Sink finish in a lovely harmony. Great way to end Dundee first Pecha Kucha! No chit chat from them though! Back to the bar now. NEoN11 continues for the rest of the weekend. But I will be back on Friday!

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Improvising music to the mood of a slide. This is pretty cool.

These guys are good. All taking leads off eachother, and playing to what the slide looks like. I can’t imagine this is very easy, but these guys are making it look easy.

A sombre note now. A lone glove lies abandoned on the screen. Music slows, and plays accordingly.

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finally Sink

Daniel Dumnov, Tim Ghost, Leon Soprano.

These guys are going to talk about those machines I mentioned in the unconference. The draw shapes by having swinging pendulums wright! How cool! Here come Sink. The band.

Daring here. they haven’t seen their slides. We can walk around here, get another beer. I want to see these drawing tools though!

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The thanks before the end

A thanks from the hosts for us all coming. Thanks to all tonights presenters, NEoN and their team, and all the people that made everything for the event to run so well. And a big thanks to everyone here for coming along and making Dundee the creative hotspot it deserves to be.

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Not much leg room here btw.

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We need strife. The story does not go, and they lived happily ever after. Really nice cartoons he is using to animate his slides here as well. Is empathy in our nature?

He finished by saying 20,000 years of love in this room.

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Dave Sapien

Graphic Designer.

Starts with a big scream into the mic. And playing some music off his phone.  Not his first pecha Kucha. His first one spoke about superhumans.

His second was when he was a hippy, and he was talking about the sun. And he said we are all made of the same stardust. He blaims it on the painkillers.

His third one was on why books are so crap. With kindles etc will we ever replace books. Romanticise about the info, not the books.

and on to this talk. On how people come to you with an idea, but have no idea on how to do it. So they come to you. But that didnt work for him without going into a rant. So he went back to hippy talk. “The general goodness” of people.

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Now talking more about juggling work. How to cope with lots of different jobs. And jobs within jobs. And how she keeps the work challenging while juggling everything.

Now onto the smaller juggling acts. How we do all that.

And now the creative networking that we do, and how we can make that exciting. Sometimes we get thrown in the deep end. How do we deal with that.

Sometimes something slips. And you drop the balls. But that is ok. But re-evaluate your situation. Are you doing to many things?

Sometimes you should take a time out from all the juggling and relax.

Thats all folks.

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Louise Ritchie

Visual Artist.

Topic, Juggling acts…

Looks like we are going to be catching balls…

Got to see a great photo of someone solving rubics cubes while solving them as well! Meanwhile, the audience can’t keep the balls in the air

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